Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Journey

It's been a long time i'm not update my blog. Since I have a baby...;) weeee.........

this is my little sweet aisyah.. Qaseh Aisyah Binti Mod Rizza Shahril... picture taken when she's age only 2 days..;)

alhamdulillah bersalin on 24th September 2012 with 3.19kg weight and healthy baby...;)
and berpantang kat Kota Bharu.. since my husband left me with his family..(sedey gila kena tinggal.. macam tak biasa kan...huhu..) so everyday i will took Aisyah picture and send it to him.. 1st time ada baby sangatlah penat but it released when look into her cute face.....;p

now she's already 3 months and dah pandai meniarap... alhamdulillah.. thanks to Allah give me such a wonderful moment after 2 years waiting...